TROTT is a native of College Park, Georgia. His desire is to develop clean, inspirational, and positive music. I have noticed a significant change in hip-hop culture over the past twenty years that has put a negative spotlight around this particular genre of music. My aim is to motivate listeners to be active, ambitious and influential citizens in their work place, at home and in their respective communities. I am a strong believer in the Christian faith but, I also understand the importance of not over imposing my religious beliefs on others. I believe in providing great songs of encouragement for believers and songs with appeals for non-believers.  His recent travels to Japan, Hondurus and Haiti have given him new perspective on the great need throughout the world.  Primarily, my dream is to provide a clear alternative to the redundant none creative mainstream music that plagues our society.
His first single "Don't Turn Around" is now available on ITUNES.  His new mixtape entitled “SPAZMATIC” was released February 2012. At age 26, TROTT is married to Whitney Nicole, has daughter MJ & currently residing & working in Memphis, TN for Memphis Athletic Ministries. .