CIO Entertainment Inc which stands for Christ Inspired Only is an organization that  promotes, manage, plan, develop, direct, produce and implement wholesome entertainment. In Jan 2013 CIO established its film promotions arm.  Operating as a boutique actors & music artists booking agency, CIO Music artists have sold over a half million albums worldwide. Its clients are represented in all aspects of the entertainment business with an emphasis in the area of label deals, production, booking, casting and joint entertainment ventures.​

Our team utilizes our experience within this industry to form unique relationships with institutions identified to provide them value by, 1) performing consulting services that help accomplish their key strategy to reach the larger audience by, 2) promoting their Conferences, Concerts and Conventions by providing quality artists, 3) offering a single point of contact for infrastructure tools for these institutions as clients, using our strategic alliances with industry leaders to create turnkey solutions that increase their revenue potential.

​CIO Music (Entertainment)  was birthed out of a relationship formulated with YBC. (Young Brothers in Christ). This unit toured the USA and parts of the Caribbean for 5 years. That partnership was a springboard for working with artists such as Sounds of Blackness, The Ambassador, Mars ILL, Fountains of Wisdom, Elle Roc, & Canton Jones.

CIO Music (Entertainment) started by a chance encounter.  Upon returning from a concert in Chicago, IL the group YBC was at a Jack the Rapper Music Conference where they entered a drawing which led to them winning a full fledged record deal.  Those humble beginnings triggered the success of that group which led to massive opportunities.  When they passed the torch to Mark J, he decided to run with it. Now 7 studio albums deep, Mark is a pioneer in the Independent Hip Hop world & serves on the BOD of CIO Entertainment.

CO Entertainment continues to stand by its core values, which is to reach people with the heart of the gospel message, provide wholesome entertainment & be an inspiration throughout humanity while uplifting those we touch and to promote its artists/actors artistic expression.  Also, to eradicate & speak on the injustices that plague our world.


Who are we ?